Kody Lavigne releases new project “Kody Meets World” on his Sound Cloud

Kody Lavigne releases “Kody Meets World” on his Sound Cloud. The five song EP has incredible production and a mixture of styles that Kody has developed during his music career. The beats comes from some new producers who deserve more exposure including: Foreiign808, Morganlikesmusic, and Based1 whom Kody has worked extremely well with in the past. This team of beat makers put together an incredible mix of sad guitar, rock style guitar, and some majestic keys having song on the tape build off of one another. It is great to see an artist like Kody Lavigne put together the perfect production team he needed.

On the vocals, Kody used his traditional sounds throughout the tape. However he is definitely progressing as an artist and he shows it with some new approaches also on the tape. With the song “Famous,” Kody uses an early 2000’s rock-sounding guitar beat by Morganlikesmusic which showcases his diversity as an artist. This song is one of my favorites on the EP because it is different than the rest and stands out on its own from the rest. Some more diversity from the artist would better display all of the talent he has within him.

Overall an awesome piece of art from Kody Lavigne and everyone involved in its process. Kody has so much talent and he needs to continue to show everyone why he has already began making a name for himself.

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