Atlanta artist, Surf, Releases New Track ‘Need Me’

Surf dropped the song ‘Need Me’ this week and it has already garnered a significant amount of attention from the underground hip hop community. This release comes as fans eagerly await his upcoming album, “Badder Human.” Moreover, this project will be the sequel to his last album, “Bad Human.”

The song offers a trap beat, as well as catchy lyrics. In addition, there is a certain versatility present within ‘Need Me.’ This is the kind of track that you can sing along to with the windows down and the volume turned up all the way. At the same time, it offers a melodic and calm undertone; the perfect song for any mood. Praise is also due for Surf’s unique lyrical ability. One of the best bits of lyricism is when Surf sings:

“Ima tell my Fairly OddParents, the way I’m stacking up my guap like a fairy tale.”

This lyric is just one example of Surf’s creative prowess, which seems to be contributing to his rise in popularity. Surf’s music has certainly improved since his 2017 project, “Back from Hell.” There are much crisper vocals and the beat is significantly more well-produced. With more music, Surf should be able to release songs with a wider variety of beats, which would likely lead to him to earn a larger following.

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