PPG Casper and Steven Moses Link Up on “Sick In The Head”

PPG Casper and Steven Moses recently uploaded a music video for their song “Sick In The Head” on the Elevator Youtube channel. “Sick In The Head” was released May 7th and it has racked up over 8,000 views as of writing. This song comes as Steven Moses is becoming more and more popular. His track, “Love Me”, has accrued 38,100 likes on SoundCloud and many fans are touting this song to be another hit.

Such a catchy and emotional melody pulls at fans’ heartstrings. The song discusses the loss of a girl and a love for percocets. Moreover, it tells a common story of turning to substances to cope with heartbreak. PPG Casper sings about failing to see demons when he fell in love with a girl. Exploring more deeply, he is discussing how new love can make our thinking rather cloudy. As you get to know someone, you see the flaws that you failed to realize existed when you first got to know them. This hits home for practically anyone that has ever fallen in love.

It would be unjust not to analyze the other aspects of this song and video. The song begins with melodic guitar-playing that blends well into PPG Casper’s first verse. The song’s combination of autotune and strained singing has many fans playing this track on repeat. On another note, the video itself offers a simple, and rather soothing, visual. It is a laid-back video for an equally laid-back song.

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