Tommy Ice releases more fire with his latest Astari Music Video

Tommy Ice has recently released a new video for his song, Nightmare, on the Astari Youtube channel. The song outlines a tumultuous relationship and the Atlanta-based artist seeing a girl in his nightmares. Furthermore, the song offers simple, yet powerful lyrics that are certainly appreciated by underground rap fans. This song’s relatable message of missing a significant other, but also acknowledging the negative effect that they’ve had on one’s life, has touched the hearts of many. The song illustrates a consistent theme within Tommy’s music: the challenges and complications associated with love.

Many mainstream artists glorify love and it is artists like Tommy that provide a reality check of the negative aspects of love. As of writing, the song has racked up 26k plays on Spotify and the music video on Astari has risen over 20k views on Youtube. Fans have loved the chill and calm vibe that the song offers to listeners. On another note, the music video deserves applause for the incredible cinematography that is on display. The video features a rather trippy, faded, and well-edited visual that matches the quality of another excellent track by Tommy Ice. Credit is certainly due for the skilled videographer, Arlainaa, and talented editor, Astralities. The cinematography and track combine to create a special visual and auditory experience.

Photo via @lauren.chiari

This is yet another song by the Atlanta-based rapper that has received a significant amount of attention in the underground rap scene. With more and more high-quality tracks like this, Tommy Ice will certainly be blowing up soon.

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