Chelji drops new music with Thought of Love

Gaining further traction in the industry, UK-native singer Chelji is back with some beautiful new music. It seems that with each release she is able to do something different with her music and “Thought of Love” is no exception.

“You’re the girl boys like to like,

I’m the girl boys like to hide.”

This track is a great addition to her collection of music. Clearly unafraid to tackle personal emotions and thoughts in her music, she is able to touch on topics that her contemporaries can’t. Every time I hear new music from Chelji, it seems like she sets herself further and further apart from other musicians of her caliber.

Be sure to keep streaming Thought of Love by Chelji, out now on Sound Cloud. I can only imagine the new music that she is currently working on as she continues to find her sound and develop as an artist.

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