ITSOKTOCRY’s new album Poshboy is finally here

ITSOKTOCRY is posh, boy. The exploding Denver artist ITSOKTOCRY is back with his third major project titled “Poshboy.” Showing range throughout the project, Lil Lock Pick (and we’re not talking about the song here) manipulates his pitch in the same vein as Lil Uzi… but with a twist. If you’re looking for a sad but pissed off project to rage to, this is it.

ITSOKTOCRY shines throughout the album with three features, 909memphis, Ca$hrina, and Nick Prosper, but impresses most by himself, most notably on “Jirachi,” “Lil Lock Pick” and “Bi-Polar Freestyle.” With the new-grunge synth feel that he continues to perfect, the three tracks move back and forth between bouncy and depressing especially with lyrics like “What you know about scars on the wrist, nobody fuck with me so I just gotta ride my own dick” from “Bi-Polar Freestyle.” “Lil Lock Pick” (we’re talking about the song now) shows ITSOKTOCRY’s ability to flex harder than, well, anybody.

Teaming up on “VIAGRA” with another up-and-comer and friend 909memphis was a power move on ITSOKTOCRY’s part, as the pairing delivers a track that sounds as if it were a Playboi Carti x Killy collab. “These racks give me a boner, I’m too hard” is equally funny as it is witty and will definitely catch you off guard if you let it… but it might also make you turn the volume up.

As a whole, “Poshboy” is a giant sadboy flex masterclass. ITSOKTOCRY’s skillset allows him to do many things that other rappers are just genuinely afraid to do. You certainly wouldn’t find any mainstream rapper using their humorous side while talking about having bi-polar disorder or using the phrase “Mukbang My Wrist” as an idiom of sorts but to be honest, that’s what makes him different. If ITSOKTOCRY’s discography is a game of bowling, “Poshboy” just landed him an eagle.

Give “Poshboy” a listen. You won’t regret it.

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