Neilaworld Interview 1: Shiro

Producing records for some of the biggest in the mainstream such as MadeinTYO, Lil Mosey, Xavier Wulf, Bexey, and Coldhart, Neilaworld member Shiro has been making moves for several years now. Working his way through the underground by consistently working on new beats and progressing his sounds, he is making all the correct moves to ensure success in the industry.

I had the opportunity to run a few questions by the very busy producer and the humility with which he spoke was striking. Although he is making very notable moves in the underground and industry, he seemed very down to earth and humble above all. Check out the full interview below:

David: I wanted to start with a little background on you if that’s cool? Where you grew up, when did you start producing?

Shiro: “I’m from a small town called Tranquillity in California that has like 700 people living there, but went to school in another small town called Kerman. I started producing about 3 years ago when I was 16 or 17.”

David: What made you want to start producing?

Shiro: “I started because I used to be big into editing Call of Duty, and my friend Kienan started making beats and told me i should too, so I did. I was already big into listening to producers on Sound Cloud like Pearl White, gf retro, Cight, and people like that so as soon as I learned how to do it that’s all I ever did.”

David: Can you tell me about the process for you when producing?

Shiro: “I honestly don’t have one, I just do whatever I’m feeling. It really just depends on how I’m feeling, and what I feel like making. Sometimes I feel like making something harder, and sometimes I feel like making a chill jazzy kinda beat with a nostalgic feel. I recently got a record player so a lot of times I start off by searching through my record collections just listening for something to sample.”

David: How/when did you connect with Neilaworld?

Shiro: “I’ve been friends with Callari for a while who’s in Neilaworld, so thats how I found out about them. Me and Fadedblackid also followed each other for a while, so one day I just hit him with a DM saying Neila is going crazy, and straight up asked if they had any open spots. A few days later he added me to the group and that was that. 2019 Neila going crazy.”

David: What’s one thing that people might not know about you?

Shiro: “I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute. Not great but I’m proud of it lmfao.”

David: Can we talk about some of your credits.. Do you have any personal favorites?

Shiro: “I have one with Lil Mosey that me and Hella Sketchy did that hopefully will come out soon, which was a pretty cool experience. But honestly nothing means more than the song Marcelo and I produced for Xavier Wulf and MadeinTYO. I have been a fan of Wulf for years, way longer than I been making music. It felt so surreal, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet him a few times and get to know him a little bit, and he’s cool and mad nice. He always looking out and willing to work, so that song definitely means a lot to me.”

David: Wow that’s awesome! How did they get their hands on your beats in the first place? Do you have anyone in mind that you really want to work with next?

Shiro: “I got the song with Mosey through Sketchy, we were staying in Hollywood and made the beat, Mosey came over later that day and we played it for him. The song with Wulf happened because Marcelo knew Wulf for a while, and sent our collab to him, I’ve definitely been very lucky.”

David: That’s an awesome back story, shit just seemed to fall into place! Can you remember a specific time where you thought to yourself that you could legitimately make a living w music?

Shiro: “Honestly, I worry about that every day. Even though things are good right now, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next month. I guess the first time I realized I was making okay money was when I made more in a month off beats than I made working at target. Which isn’t much but it was still a cool feeling.”

David: What can we expect from you moving forward?

Shiro: “This year I’m just trying to get my name out everywhere, I’ve been working like crazy. I’m also looking to put out at least 3-4 beat tapes in addition to the one I already put out this January. I’m definitely excited for 2019.”

Be sure to stay up to date on all of Shiro’s new projects that he works on as he releases new music constantly. Also check out some of the bigger industry features that should be coming very soon!

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