Up-and-comer Madeinthe90's releases new Heartless project and new visuals

The new project Heartless from up-and-coming rapper Madeinthe90‘s is an introspective journey that the rapper truly brings to fruition. Creating a moody, melodramatic, and euphoric energy throughout the 7-track project, we are introduced to the pains that torment Madeinthe90’s on a daily basis. He seems to truly use his music as a way to provide a voice for those who might not know how to release frustrations in their day-to-day lives.

The cover art for this project, captures the energy of the music perfectly. Showing a broken looking figure navigating an uncertain path forward, it mirrors Made’s outlook and his current situation. Too many rappers now-a-days get caught up with following trends, but when I listen to Heartless, I hear a young man bearing his soul on the track unafraid of judgement or talk among his peers.

Heartless Music Video via YouTube

Although the lyrics on this project can be a bit vanilla and monotonous, there are some real highlights on this thing. Prince of Darkness give us something different that we haven’t seen from Made before. Although the project is a normal, tight 7 tracks, I still feel a hint of one dimension. With that being said, it in no way hinder my ability to not only get through the entire project, but to even enjoy it.

Be sure to check out Madeinthe90’s newest music that should be coming soon and don’t forget to keep running up his most recent project Heartless, out now, available everywhere.

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