Kentucky rapper saintwavy drops new EP This One Is for You!

Radcliff native and rapper saintwavy is back with a brand new EP, This One Is for You! and he is certainly not here to disappoint. Telling us earlier this year that he aims to lead his town, he provides positive examples for the youth with his new project. Putting together a very tight, four track effort, he raps over relaxed instrumentals and even gets a chance to show off his singing voice. Combining great story-like flows with production from Aramis Kelly,among others, saintwavy has really given us a great piece of music that will surely be on repeat the entire summer.

The opening track Off My Chest. details his troubles with a love that truly hurt the rapper after that relationship ended. Providing imagery of having his heart ripped out of his chest, he tells his listeners about the highs and lows that come with love. Drawing his audience into the EP as a whole body of work, he switches to a more boom-bap type beat on the second track Life’s High Beams. An instant classic with air-tight flows, saintwavy puts his voice on display singing the incredibly catchy hook on the song:

Look past the high beams, baby. Look past the high beams, baby.

Getting an assist from rapper Lorenzo Nil on third track War Cry, the two share verses that paint pictures of rough, pain-filled pasts. Conquering demons, the pair come across with a cut-throat attitude for a cut-throat world. The final song on the EP exposes a very personal side of the rapper. In a very vulnerable state, he sings about himself being Broken. Singing on the majority of the closing track, he ends his project in a real and heart-felt way showing sincerity and humanizing saintwavy in general.

Providing his audience with a softer side on the project, we get to see into the emotions of saintwavy. Putting out his most self-confident work to date, he has truly found his voice in the booth. A loud project from an incredibly humble individual, he is sure to make big waves with his latest drop. Throughout the project, the instrumental selection gives the listeners a lot of variety and gives saintwavy a chance to really show his skills on the mic. Don’t miss out on the new EP from saintwavy This One Is for You!

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