Guerilla Fatz has some new, icy music for this summer

North Carolina rapper Guerilla Fatz, has been making music for a few years now, but up until last year he never really saw it as more than just a hobby. Growing up in Fayetteville with his mother, his father was deployed often, fighting for the United States. “A lot of life lessons were learned at school and the people I was around.” He told me during our interview that he wasn’t “as crazy as [his] friends” because he got really into sports. Being recruited to play football while he was a high school student, he was very focused on his goals and it taught him the importance of a strong work ethic. Grinding to make a name for himself, those skills were easily transferred into the rap industry. Well on his way through the underground, Guerilla Fatz never stops improving. Hungry for success, he will let nothing stand in his way.

I constantly work and I am up late nights trying to perfect my craft,” he told me. Putting a lot of things in his life on hold to put more emphasis on his music, he seems to be a very goal-orientated individual. Stopping at nothing to chase “a dream I want to live and create,” he puts every ounce of energy in his body into improving his music.

Drawing inspiration from rappers like XXXTentacion, Xavier Wulf, Kanye West, and J. Cole, “[His] music has a variety of emotions behind it and [it has] raw lyrics that aren’t exaggerated.” Creating his own unique style he adds his personal flare to each track mixing and mastering them himself. Wearing his inspirations on his sleeve, he still manages to separate himself from his contemporaries with his deep, almost slurred flow. With some incredible production from ESKRY, like on the song DENNY’S,Nostradamus Floating, andEXTEND, his music is on another level completely.

Something that I found particularly interesting about Guerilla Fatz was his process of writing and recording his music. “I start by listening to a lot of rock music like System of a Down, Metallica, and others to, in a sense cleanse [me] from rap influences so I have my own thoughts and flows in my head.” Striving for originality, he aims to keep progressing and finding his best sound all while staying true to what is going on in his life and in his head.

Currently working on new music with Vari Brisk, the two plan to drop an entire project together. After hearing songs like DOLLA $IGNS, the chemistry between the long-time friends allows them to truly create and improve together. Working hard to chase a vision, Guerilla Fatz is always networking with his peers while keeping his tight circle small. With a very relaxed instrumental that evokes wavy thoughts and an old school-influenced beat, the two go back and forth exchanging verses with intensity however remaining calm at the same time.

Shout out to my boy Vari Brisk, RuggaDK, and Azmuh. Vari Brisk, extremely talented artist that’s like my partner in crime. RuggaDK and Azmuh are both very talented artists that I clicked with over Social Media and we have songs and projects on the way too.

With goals of connecting with his friends to eat together, Guerilla Fatz plans to start merchandising products. Aiming to get his foot in the door of the world of fashion, be on the look out for his clothing to be dropping in the near future. Everyday making more music and improving his craft, he is only going up from here. In the underground of rap, progression is life and Guerilla Fatz has know that from the start. Putting his head down, working hard and staying humble, he is sure to have everybody’s attention very soon.

Listen to his newest EP Months Before the Fall below! Featuring production from ESKRY, matt wylin, and frakcija, he raps about his life and shares his stories. His bass-heavy beat selections are sure to rattle any set of speakers and his bars are sure to impress. Switching his style often Guerilla Fatz touches on drug use, big flexing, and his relationships with numerous women, while simultaneously conveying sincerity and a genuine story of a young man’s come up. I am very much looking forward to covering him in the future and seeing where his career ends up taking him!

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