Sparking creativity with producer Aramis Kelly

Growing up in a musical household with his father playing several instruments, producer Aramis Kelly has been around music forever. Following in his father’s footsteps, he learned to play both the piano and guitar at a very young age. Kelly would begin to dabble in music production at the age of 12 and hasn’t looked back. Since he already developed a sense for melody early, his musical skills transferred quite easily into production and one can really hear his “melodic intelligence,” so to speak, in the music he produces today.

Seven years later, a 19-year-old Aramis Kelly continues to work in music production, experimenting with almost every kind of sound in his beats. After years of crafting his own signature sound, soon people started to take notice of his melodic, pop-infused beats. Linking with many artists over the years he is working on two current projects with rappers saintwavy and Latenit3. With several singles out with both artists already including Nighttime with saintwavy, available on Spotify and Apple Music now, and Abu Dhabi ft Xe Rox with Latenit3. Linking through social media, Aramis Kelly has made connections around the country and is making moves in the industry.

Referencing the Atlanta-based producer Lex Luger, Nard & B, and Lil Uzi Vert as his biggest sources inspirations, Aramiskellies strives to continue cultivating his music hoping one day “to be a desired sound in the industry.” His production styles are quite unique and tend to have a happy tone that reflects the atmosphere in which the beat was created. “I make crazy beautiful music with my creative friends and it’s always some shit you can relate to or… something hot.” With his tight circle around him, Kelly stays in a creative place to keep producing music.

Working with slew of rappers he linked up with online and with some in his hometown, he is working hard to have his music heard. Staying in a productive state, constantly experimenting with sounds and instrumentals, and producing great vibes are what he is known for. After listening to some of the beats he sent us, it was clear that he has talent and hunger.

Working hard for years to perfect his craft, Kelly tells me that he makes between three and five new beats a day. With creativity seeping out of his brain straight into his computer he experiments with new sounds on the daily. Continuously adding to his own style he truly embodies the age-old saying that hard work really does pay off. “I’ve noticed the more work and time I put into trying to get myself known, the better results I get. It sounds kind of corny but it’s true.” Always looking for new ways to be productive is the name of the game for Kelly, he emphasized the importance of daily progression for himself and for his music.

To hear more of Aramiskellies music and collaborations check out our Music Section on the Home Page where there will be beats for sale and for lease. He told me during his interview that he is always looking for musicians that he can vibe with and continue to make music in the future. This Ohio-based producer has a mix of styles and brings a variety of sounds to the table.

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