Mir Fontane lights up the stage during Penn State performance

Rapper Mir Fontane of Camden, NJ performed at the Penn State bar Champs on May 3rd and absolutely shut the place down. Performing mostly a mix of songs from his newest album Macaroni Tony, released on March 22 earlier this year, and 2017 release Camden, Fontane stunned State College with his energetic stage antics. Sharing his world filled with violence, he provides a voice for so many young people that are trapped in the “jungle,” as he describes it, that is Camden. Rising from the bottom, Fontane has been busy over the past few years releasing three full-length projects including the two mentioned above along with his 2016 mixtape Who’s Watching the Kids. Frequently working with producers Kev Rodgers and Kenif Muse, his songs always have top-notch production and incredible lyrics depicting the violent Camden streets.

As a crowd gathered into the Champs venue, Fontane walked out onto the stage in front of a mix of active fans and people who had never heard of his music. After starting with Next, a certified banger produced by Kev Rodgers, he had everyone’s attention immediately as the bass rattled the stage and the high hats rolled in. Continuing his set he carried the same energy throughout the entire performance. It is clear that a lot of time and energy went into perfecting his craft. The hard work put in by Fontane and his entire team was on display as he kept the crowd screaming and dancing the whole time he was on stage. The fact that artists like Mir Fontane can rise from nothing and be spreading their music around the country in intimate venues like this is what makes the Underground Hip-Hop community so welcoming.

While on stage he is in his zone, energizing the crowd with his music, he sang popular song Frank Ocean with a sea of fans chanting the words right back to him. Even his new songs that only were released to the public a little over a month ago still resonated with the audience, as many people seemed to know every word already. New tracks like Next, My Favorite Rule, and Bodega made it into his set list as well as hit single to the 2018 album New Friends (feat. Kodie Shane). All the way from the South Side of Jersey, putting his city on the map he set the stage ablaze at the State College venue.

Improving with each project he releases, Mir Fontane has been steady climbing in streams and growing fans by the day. Coming out strong with Who’s Watching the Kids in 2016, one could tell immediately that he had something to say. Setting himself apart from his peers with incredible, creative story tellinglike on the song Kenwood Ave, and displaying is powerful singing voice on the outro Twenty Five (feat. Kam De La). With his second full-length release in 2017, he shows his mastery of story-telling. Presenting the story of a “lost young soldier,” as he puts it, as he goes through the pains and grief of his pregnant girlfriend being shot. Showing all sides of the story throughout the album starting with the perspective of his girlfriend, the shooters, leading up to the climax $horty $tory.

With his album Macaroni Tony, his most recent project that dropped earlier this year, he is back with a track list of hits. Ranging from heavy bangers with hard bars to soft beats with fantastic vocals. He is so confident in his skills in the game, and he is ready for everyone to know. “I don’t give a f–k ’bout who got next, cause I got right now,” seems to be the overwhelming theme on the album and the verses absolutely back up that claim. Performing shows, making moves, and putting the work in that will ensure his success, keep your ears open for his music – you can find him on all social medias and streaming platforms.

Still riding high off of his newest album Macaroni Tony and 2018 XXL Freshman List Pitch, he is clearly working hard to ensure his longevity in the industry. His set in State College let Fontane share his story with new people and after a concert like the one that he put on, there is no doubt in my mind that he picked up a slew of new fans while in Happy Valley. With his chains swinging around his neck he delivered his raps with such animation and passion. Carrying his city on his back with his team behind him, he can surely make big waves in the industry going forward.

If you haven’t heard Fontane’s music yet, you can find all three of his projects on Apple Music and Spotify. Ranging from great vocals, story telling (like on the track $horty $tory which literally gives me goosebumps after the last few lines), hard-hitting bars and some of the crispiest production in the industry, his albums are almost cinematic. He captures what his reality was growing up in Camden and providing a voice for so many lost souls while leading a new generation in the process. I can not wait to hear his future projects, and considering that each album has gotten better than the previous, one can surmise that his best is still yet to come.

Thanks for a great show.

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