From delivering pizza to delivering his fourth project, BBYGOYARD gives fans a 16 track project titled “The Secret Lies With Charlotte”. Taking listeners through a journey between each track, bouncing back and forth between genres and expanding on the pitch shifted, ambient trap sound that has gained him notoriety within the underground soundcloud rap community. After a quick google search, I found out that “The … Continue reading THE SECRET LIES WITH CHARLOTTE

Champ T & Beku San – Law of Attraction

2021 is off to a STRONG start. If you have not heard any new music in these last few days, make sure to check out this Beku San and Champ T collaboration. Beku San after, a year break dropping seven singles to grow traction on Soundcloud now, he has a new song with Champ T. If you have not been watching Champ T’s steady climb. You’ll be shocked to find out about … Continue reading Champ T & Beku San – Law of Attraction


After DED STARK dropped his album STARK STASH: VOLUME ONE, I dove in deeper into who is DED STARK. I quickly come to the realization that he puts his heart and soul into music ever since he was young. He shows his pain and struggle of his life by putting them into his music lyrically. Which gives the opportunity for people going through similar struggles … Continue reading DED STARK – STARK STASH: VOLUME ONE

Watch Abby Jasmine’s Cinematic New Music Video For “Like Me”

Despite the obvious challenges faced this past year by artists of all calibers due to COVID-19 restrictions, the rising female lyricist from Staton Island managed to create an honorable, gap-bridging, world-merging visual experience for her single “Like Me.” The single is third-to-last on her latest album Who Cares? (October 2020), and premiered later in the month of December. Abby Jasmine (@abbyjasmine) worked alongside Director Daddy … Continue reading Watch Abby Jasmine’s Cinematic New Music Video For “Like Me”

JayJ has been releasing weekly drops for three weeks now!

As 2020 is coming to close “JayJ” has been doing what could be called an installment of weekly drops. This consistent release schedule has brought a lot of attention his way. He started back early in December with his first one “When It’s Over” which was paired with a crispy visualizer shortly after its release. Second was his team up with close friend “July” titled … Continue reading JayJ has been releasing weekly drops for three weeks now!

poptropicaslutz! – Hollywood High 16

The eighteen- and nineteen-year-old duo poptropicaslutz! are bringing back the Pop-punk sound with and letting their music speak for them. Coming from Long Island New York, the teenage duo set huge goals for themselves, pushing themselves to prove to the skeptics that they are fully capable of doing anything they put their mind to. The dynamic duo aims high, with their sights set on proving … Continue reading poptropicaslutz! – Hollywood High 16

Rain or shine you’ve seen SANDRO on your for you page

SANDRO is one of those artists you hear for the first time and immediately fall in love with. His heartfelt vocals and affectionate lyrics drew me in. I found SANDRO while I was sifting through TikTok and went straight through all his videos. He is able to show off his music and tell his own personal narrative through his TikTok. His music has been growing … Continue reading Rain or shine you’ve seen SANDRO on your for you page

Chase Laser – “out of reach”

Next up, Chase Laser is a 19-year-old alternative-pop artist coming out of Salt Lake City. With his EP dropping on December 4th, he brings 4 powerful and emotional songs with his previous single dropping before the EP “Wayside” to help gain traction. He then tagged along 3 songs making it a perfect blend being of upbeat emotional music his fans can really relate to, which after talking … Continue reading Chase Laser – “out of reach”

MODSUN releases a new single “Bones”

“Modsun” has been on the mainstream airwaves for awhile now but seems to really be revving it up with his recent music especially his latest “Bones”. From start to finish this is an emotional energy blast to the heart. Mod really hits his vocals in an epic pitch which meets his heavy rock production perfectly. He’s really captured his audience with this one. It feels … Continue reading MODSUN releases a new single “Bones”