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ATL’s Anycia Announces Her First Mixtape Is Coming Sooner Than Later

The emerging female emcee’s first mixtape is set to drop next month.

The underground music scene in Atlanta, Georgia has always been an extensive hub for what’s new, hot, and up next. From the alternative sound to R&B to the trap, some of the most authentically talented male and female artists come from The A. This year has given us a couple of bar-spitting beauties from all over the country, and a down-to-earth darling named Anycia has the airways smoking out of the south right now.

In her breakout year, Anycia has released two bonafide hits- “BRB” and “REFUND”-and embarked on her first cross-country tour with Detroit rapper Veeze (the GANGER tour is still going), and earned a musical partnership with UnitedMasters. From the outside looking in, all of it may seem to be happening fast, but it’s her balanced attitude and trust in the process that’s brought her to this point after gaining more confidence in herself and ability over time.

Today-10 days after the release of her body-moving JetsonMade-produced “REFUND”- the smooth-voiced woman announces that her first mixtape will be arriving this Friday. No track-list has been delivered yet, but she gave us a title-EXTRA-along with some dope cover art featuring an airbrushed look.

Anycia‘s consistent output of potent flows and clever lyrics over ear-catching beats that help her showcase her relatable perspective, has garnered the artist a significant following over the past 6-9 months. (And in my personal opinion, she hasn’t picked a bad song to release yet. It’s been all hits and no misses.)

If you didn’t know her before, get to know her now. I’m definitely looking forward to what she put together for the listeners. Hopefully this project brings her a bigger amount of them.

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