Trenton Released his Third Single, “Mind of Mine”

Trenton recently released a music video for his third single, “Mind of Mine.” His background in music involves darker tones and synth-wave, but when you watch this video and listen to this song, you’ll witness Trenton’s talent for pop music. He mentioned wanting to “experiment with lighter, more easily digestible pop sounds” to express his troubled mind sonically.

Check out the music video for Trenton’s “Mind of Mine” above!

On the first listen, Trenton’s “Mind of Mine” is similar to songs with the same subject matter, but after you leave it on repeat for a while, you’ll realize that Trenton is diving into some deep topics.

“In reality, it was my way of expressing the somewhat toxic love-hate relationship I have with the darker thoughts that go on in my head,” Trenton said.

Not only that, but this single is a part of a bigger picture. If you go a couple of songs back in his discography, you’ll notice that Trenton has been sectioning a bigger story, and “Mind of Mine” is the third installment of said story.

“I wanted to have fun with different feels and sounds before fully diving into the concepts and moods that’ll be presented in future projects,” Trenton said regarding the three-song story that has been released.

Trenton brings much more to the table than other artists in his lane. He has multiple genres of influence, vulnerability, relatability, and seamless storytelling.

Be on the lookout for his next release, but in the meantime, check out the music video for “Mind of Mine” above or click here!

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