Dc2Trill Continues to Shine with ‘Family Matters’ Album

Dc2Trill is back with his first album since last March, and he returns with one of the most cohesive and exciting projects of the year. With the single “Smooth Operator” releasing earlier this year along with a handful of music videos and freestyles, Dc2trill has been busy. In between recording the 12 track album

Family Matters and filming a bunch of music videos, the Texas rapper still has time for being outside and hanging with the likes of Drake and Zack Bia. On July 25, Trill proved that his hardwork in the studio with the Concrete Boys label had paid off.  Family Matters feels like a true family moment, as Dc brings in a select crowd of Concrete Boys members and shows that he has really come to his own in 2023. In a time of oversaturation within the rap game and a whole bunch of copy-cats running around, Dc2trill is able to stick to his guns and put out a quality record. He starts off with a bang on the opening track “A Purple Matter,” which displays his off-kilter flows and pen-game really well over a groovy, 80’s-inspired instrumental that even features an entrancing beat switch during the bridge. The lead single “Smooth Operator” gets a facelift with a Babyface Ray feature, successfully bridging the gap between 90’s UK icon Sade and one of Detroit’s hottest stars of today. “B.R.A Freestyle” is perhaps Dc2trill at his funniest, as he pays homage to Billie Mays, Keanu Reeves, and “dirtballs” everywhere. 

Atlanta rapper CEO Trayle checks in on “LeftHerOnSeen,” dishing out a relentless verse that compliments Trill’s presence very well over a nocturnal beat. Concrete Boys signee KARRAHBOOO hops on “PopIT4Crete” for a modern-day Atlanta club classic, and head honcho Lil Yachty delivers a couple verses as well. Between the guest verses, name-drops, samples, and Dc2trill’s own versatility, this project feels like a happy marriage of Midwest rap, Atlanta rap, and everything pop-culture has been leading up to today. 

It’s great to hear one of the biggest stars to come out of the early-mid 2010’s SoundCloud scene putting on the next generation of SoundCloud rappers despite the  platform being past its prime. But given Yachty’s eclectic taste, it’s no wonder why the Dc2trill was able to win over Big Boat himself.

Written by: Jackson Resnick

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