Noah Ashton Is Back with New Heat, “Freak in My Text”

Noah Ashton is back with the single “Freak In My Text” to follow up on his May 31 release “Dream Girls Club.” Over the past few years Ashton has been building an underground  following in New Jersey with a discography of trap and club inspired bangers. With the Jersey club sound being popularized around the world, Ashton has embraced the sound wholeheartedly while keeping it authentic. After hearing “Before We Hit the Club,” the rapper’s album that dropped in early 2023, it is clear that he was brought up on the sounds of DJ Sliink and other Jersey club icons. Rather than try to water-down the sound to fit a mainstream audience, Ashton owns the loud, distorted nature of the genre.

For Ashton, it is clear that making this music is a life or death situation, with every bar being delivered with a high energy and level of urgency.  The beat breathes new life into the famous Japanese jazz sample from Shigeo Sekito, doing the sample perhaps even more justice than Travis Scott and Quavo could. Ashton’s beat selection is perhaps his best attribute, something that a lot of artists nowadays have neglected in favor of dishing out content for the various algorithms that ultimately will determine their fate in the industry. It’s refreshing to hear someone like Noah Ashton staying true to their local sound, and putting their energy into simply making good music. On top of that, Ashton is still able to be productive and consistently put out good music, with “Freak In My Text” being his fourth release of the year. Any hip-hop fan should be excited to hear what’s next from Noah Ashton, as the New Jersey emcee is sure to take-off sooner than later.

By: Jackson Resnick

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