Rapper Fleacoo Comes With A Couple Music Videos

When it comes to rap EP’s with immense replay value, Fleacoo’s 2021 collaborative offering with producer and step-brother Truebeatzz is one that is not to be messed with. Last March, a deluxe version of Step Brothers was released with a few more tracks of equal high quality. Four-out-of-seven tracks came with visuals as well.

For the past nine months, the rapper, along with videographer SCF Visuals, has been on a tear, releasing five visuals so far. Their most recent music video is for the single “The Most” (produced by ThatGuyVeezy). Across the song, Fleacoo flows in a slightly-auto-tuned, calm tone, speaking mainly about keeping his peace and maintaining good energies. He executes all this in a stylistic manner, and in a time of about two minutes (giving listeners more of a reason to keep running it back).

Click here to watch the most recent music video for “The Most”, then head over to Fleacoo’s YouTube channel to watch the rest of them.

Fleacoo – “The Most” | Filmed By SCF Visuals

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