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The upcoming rapper releases a new early-2000’s style video.

H1MWARD – “NOT1CE” (OFFICIAL VIDEO) / Shot by Mikey Gorman

If you’re an underground hip-hop music lover, then chance is that you’ve come across H1mward’s viral “TDC (Take Da Charge)” lyric video, which has amassed thousands of views on social media so far. The official music video has garnered over 10K views, and counting. As of right now, not much is known about the emcee, other than he conveys a raw ability to get us hyped by how he delivers over instrumentals. Also, he’s been featured in fashion campaigns in i-D Magazine. H1mward has been dropping music for just over three years, but more and more listeners have started to take notice (no pun intended) when “TDC” came out. Since then, he’s dropped two more singles with visuals – “Not No Mo” and “VOICE MESSAGES/RUNNA UPS.”

As compelling of an artist he is at first listen, H1mward aims to show more of what he can do musically in the future, while still maintaining the recreational, turnt-up feel that fans initially gravitate towards. This energy can be felt all over the newest track, “NOT1CE”, produced by AMMO. The music video is BET Uncut-esque, as H1MMY brings the strip club to a mansion. The scenes are shot by Mikey Gorman and edited by notable videographer DARKSHARKBOI, along with AFROSTRAWBERRYYY. Coming in at just under a two-minute run time, this record is surely one to keep playing back. Watch the music video above, and check out some of my favorite lyrics below.

“I want some top, I like your lips / I’m in the box just like a gift / I’m not gon box, I got that stick”

“My new b**** can’t hold a conversation but she can hold a d**k / I ain’t a star, I’m a constellation / I’m on some global s**t, you on some local s**t”

“F*****g that h*e like a animal but I’m really the goat, that’s it / Act like you know that s**t”

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