Evan200k: The Upcoming Producer from Pittsburgh

Evan200k is a producer from Pittsburgh, PA. If you know Pittsburgh, you’ll know that the latest artists are Wiz Khalifa and the late Mac Miller. Since then, Pittsburgh’s artistry has struggled to find its way out of the underground. The closest to doing it is an artist Fedd the God. But as for Pittsburgh producers, most of them have been chomping at the bit to find a way to stardom. Evan200k has found success by gaining placements with EST Gee, Stunna 4 Vegas, YSN Flow, and more, but he has shifted the spotlight onto himself instead of being in the vocalists’ shadow. He released his first EP, “overlooked,” on all platforms on Jan. 27 of this year. For an entirely instrumental, four-song EP, “overlooked” has gained impressive traction. But why?

Listen to Evan200k’s EP “overlooked” above!

“overlooked” is a relaxing EP that takes you out of whatever you may be doing and calms you down. Evan200k produced four guitar-melody beats that guide you along a path of imagination and peace. Whether you’re driving, studying, or stressing, “overlooked” can you help you out of it. Not only does Evan200k display his talent for song construction, but he also shows his audience that he knows how to hit an emotion on its head. The best part about this EP is how he creates a pleasant experience.

He could’ve put out a four-song EP with EST-Gee-type beats or a four-song EP that featured a handful of artists, but Evan200k would only be bringing something new to the table if he did that. Listeners know that he can make a great rap beat and that many artists would sound great on them, but what would the listeners learn about him? So instead, Evan200k stayed in the same genre but went on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum. By doing so, he’s showing people that he is a versatile producer, not just a rap-beat producer.

If you didn’t know Evan200k before, I hope you delve into his work now. He’s one of the excellent prospects coming out of Pittsburgh and deserves all the credit he will get. You can find him on Instagram here, and you can find all of his other work here.

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