Flyboi Rell & Woodah Detail Their Rise to the Top with New Single “Luck”

Brooklyn rappers Flyboi Rell & Woodah, members of the rap group n0mads, have just released their highly anticipated new single “Luck.” The track is a trumpet-led banger that showcases the duo’s lyrical prowess and chemistry as they detail their rise to the top of the rap game.

One thing that stands out immediately on “Luck” is the production, which is characterized by its energetic trumpet lead and hard-hitting drums. These elements give the track a sense of excitement and momentum that perfectly complements Flyboi Rell & Woodah’s flow.

Lyrically, “Luck” is a feast for hip-hop fans. Flyboi Rell & Woodah both bring their A-game, spitting rhymes with confidence and style. They detail their journey to the top of the rap game, touching on themes such as hard work, determination, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Overall, “Luck” is a solid release from Flyboi Rell & Woodah. The trumpet-led production and top-notch lyrics make it a must-listen for fans of modern hip-hop. It’s clear that the two rappers are at the top of their game and making a statement with their new single. “Luck” is a testament to their skill and versatility as a duo, and is sure to cement their place in the rap scene.

Stream “Luck” Here:

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