Mako Cash Brings High Energy on “UNDRRTD 2”

Mako Cash released his 4-song EP, “UNDRRTD 2,” in November 24 of this year, and it is full of high-energy bangers. The EP is the sequel to his last project, “UNDRHTD” that released in July of this year, and features the same kind of high-energy vibe in a more extensive fashion. Mako Cash decided to keep it more concise this time by only releasing four solid tracks rather than seven.

Listen to Mako Cash’s EP, “UNDRRTD 2,” above!

As mentioned before, the first installment of this series was three songs longer than the most recent. So, in this case, the pressure is raised based on the number of pieces alone. On the other hand, “UNDRHTD” featured seven consecutive great songs, so if he decided to only have four tracks for this installment, fans would expect them to be as good as the last, if not better. Nevertheless, Mako Cash did not fail his fans because “UNDRRTD 2” becomes even better with every listen.

A perfect example of Mako Cash succeeding at this would have to be track 3, “SHOTS FIRED.” The song is only a minute and 25 seconds long, one second longer than the shortest track on the EP. The tempo of this track is fast. Consequently, the high-energy mentioned before is bound to shine through. Mako Cash doesn’t shy away from the mic and uses the full extent of his vocal cords to create new and exciting cadences on this insane track. The beat, Mako Chas’s voice, and his lyrics make this track easy to be left on repeat.

Altogether, this EP is perfect to rage to and would be perfect for any and every underground concert. You can check out Mako Cash here and listen to “UNDRRTD 2” here or above!

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