SoloSam and MFnMelo Speak the Truth on “Calabasas”

SoloSam and MFnMelo collaborated in their latest song, “Calabasas,” to tell stories of their past in hopes that they will somehow inspire their listeners to follow in their footsteps. The two talks about their past hardships in this particular town, what they have left behind, and what lessons they’ve taken from it.

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For every second of the 4-minute song, there are plenty of lessons to be learned. The two reminisce about colleagues they used to have, but since being in Calabasas, they’ve lost those people to violence. They shed light on this topic in the hook repetitively so their audience can understand that any person in a similar situation should have a goal of leaving the violence behind them. Although the artists understand how uncomfortable it may be to leave the lifestyle, they make it known that it’s the right choice to move on.

Right off the bat, listeners can tell this song will feature some hard-hitting bars. For example, “I left my soul down in Calabasas, the dream is beautiful inside the madness, and you wonder why I’m never going back again.” SoloSam explains that part of him died in the past, but there’s no use in trying to search for it because of all the violence involved in that same life. However, he knows that he’ll get roped back into it, and it’s for the better that he leaves.

If you want to hear more hard-hitting bars, listen to SoloSam’s and MFnMelo’s latest single, “Calabasas,” below!

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