Prahdaw can “Run a Check” Up with his Insane Music

Prahdaw makes music for listeners craving aggressive energy. He makes music for those who love Smokepurp, Comethazine, Lil Pump, and that entire lane of belligerent music. He’s a great producer out of Orange County, CA, and he’s sure to have your head banging with his beats.

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Prahdaw frequently collaborates with an Australian artist by the name of Kiid Spyro. The two have gone back to back to back with classic aggressive trap records. The two released plenty of songs in 2019 and are sure to be putting even better ones out soon!

One of their best songs is “Run a Check.” Right off the bat, listeners have never heard an instrument like the one Prahdaw chose to use for the melody. Prahdaw makes music familiar to hardstyle dubstep but tones it down a bit and implements textbook trap drums. “Run a Check” is the perfect example of that description and perfectly displays the two artists’ talent.

Listen to “Run a Check” below and tap in with Prahdaw!

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