Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Kenny Mason listening party at Cafe Kitsune presented by Nufdam. The listening experience was geared towards die-hard fans of Kenny looking to enjoy his most recent drop RUFFS in person with the rising star. The venue was intimate and fully pack since the event start time of 10 pm. The line was already to the corner and is one of the most packed listening parties I have been to in the last year. Kenny Mason’s fan base is loyal, enthusiastic, and spread wide. 

It is a testament to his star power that he was able to pack a venue in New York as a West Atlanta artist. Many New York artists overvalue their hype in New York forgetting that their style and sound may not resonate in other places throughout the country. Being lit in New York alone doesn’t mean you made it. Once an artist is able to spread their influences to another part of the country and eventually the world their cultural impact has begun.

Out of all of the tracks played the crowd lost its mind for “Stick”. A heavy baseline and an addictive hook created an intense wave of energy in the entire venue. I tend to judge the impact of an artist by the intensity of the fans’ reaction. Walking through the crowd during the album listening every person was locked on Kenny and knew almost every word. Even more impactful was the overall reverence the crowd had for Kenny as an artist. They seemed to be calmed by his music and focused on everything he had to say in between. 

The chemistry between artist and his produced Coupe is also evident. Coupe is an undeniably gifted producer and the relationship between his and Kenny comes through in the tracks they have together. Being able to see the producer and artist vibe together to the music they created as a team was a beautiful experience.

Overall, I’m very grateful that I was able to attend the Kenny Mason listening party presented by Nufdam and I look forward to seeing Kenny perform in New York hopefully in the near future.

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