Who are They: Ouroboros

Ouroboros is a 17-year-old UK artist who has been making music for over two years and is starting to create a buzz. The young artist said he is influenced by The Weekend, Brent Faiyaz, Juice WRLD, and “definitely Aylien Blue.”

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Ouroboros as an Artist

He said that his name means so much that it’s almost inexplainable.

“Every time someone asks me that, my mind goes blank; it’s like there’s so much behind it that it becomes empty,” he said. “The symbol comes from alchemy that means so much, such as eternity, creation and destruction, rebirth.”

Ouroboros uses music as an outlet. Listeners can hear in his music that he needs someone to open up to. Besides that, he wishes to help others going through similar things in his creation time.

“I guess it has to do with the fact that I’ve never really wanted to live that long,” he said. “Since I was young, I wanted to be gone by my twenties, but I didn’t want to leave without helping others or leaving an impact on the world, and music was the most powerful medium I could see myself excelling at.”

Ouroboros will hop in on production and engineering as needed depending on the song. But, He explained that he would always use his lyrics; otherwise, it wouldn’t feel right.

As mentioned before, he is very vulnerable in all of his music. He believes vulnerability is an acquired skill over time.

“If I have that ability to give my all, why not use it,” he asked. “I have a message, a story, I need my listeners to trust me, and that’s where being weak for them comes in. I know in my personal life I can’t truly trust anyone unless they show me a part of them that is fragile, and right now, I have nobody to give my all to in my life, so I give it to my listeners.”


Cover art for Ouroboros’s “Nocturnal.”

His most recent release is his single “Nocturnal.” He explained that this song was a confrontation with himself. With every release, Ouroboros becomes more skillful and also improves as a person. He made the song back in June and held off on releasing it because he was skeptical about how it would perform, as he is with every piece he creates. 

“This song sat for months until I thought it was the right time,” he said. “I think I held off for so long because I know all the hype I build around myself is worth it.”

The song has a long build-up, both musically and emotionally, until it’s all released with the insane drop. Ouroboros gravitates toward cinematic beats rather than acoustic. He believes that having heavier beats allows him to express more of himself. 

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Present and Future

Right now, Ouroboros is attempting to separate himself from the underground. He is putting his music on all platforms and doing plenty of performances. His next drop is his first full-length project. He said he’s putting the finishing touches on it and planning a rollout.

“It definitely isn’t anything like the underground has seen before,” he said, “focusing heavily on a concept rather than just a mix of music. I’m really excited to share this with the family I’ve made, and I hope they continue to support me. So sit back and enjoy the show. Elephant City, Forever.”

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