$lyce Releases New Album, WETTiE- it’s chaotic and great

Coming into this project, the biggest thing that I was hoping to hear from $lyce was moving forward with his sound and trying new things. I was not disappointed at all, as it seems that $lyce is putting together it all together.

With confident and unique adlibs while switching between catchy 16 bar melodies that resembled choruses in themselves and actual choruses that tended to be hidden in between different verses. In PiL PUNK he repeats “SHOOT OUT THE DRUM, SHOOT OUT THE DRUM” at the midpoint of the song which seems like a perfect concert moment. This song was my favorite from the project and felt like a great encapsulation of the evolution in $lyce’s sound.

The project also features major underground stars in TiaCorine and BIGBABYGUCCI.

NEED YOU DOWN features a majestic TiaCorine verse that was honestly just angelic. What surprised me is that $lyce actually carried the song just as well himself through the middle of the track. He unlocked an insane flow at the 1:10 mark- “Now you back in the stu, sing to me, what you want…” “I fucking put my heart down, oh you wanna talk now?”

This song fucks.

UNO with BIGBABYGUCCI is also really great use of the feature artist as BBG sets the tone of the track again perfectly. The tracks didn’t rely on the feature and really just complemented the tracks and rest of the project perfectly.

Some other standouts on the project are PRAY4PARIS, which has a really space-like beat and melancholic presence by $lyce. This song’s eery- it kind of feels like you’re in that scene of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith when Palpatine tells Anakin about Lord Plagueis. Just beautiful sounds.

WET GALA WALKOUT also was a great intro track for the lavish and spacey sounds that would follow- probably my favorite intro track on any $lyce project.

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