Koshi’s new album “Yousual” is a night owls dream

Koshi is an artist I have personally been listening to since 2019 when a friend showed me him and lvloser on Soundcloud as we drove through upstate New York at about 3am. Ever since I’ve been following his music and his career growth as he released song after song with some of the most consistent production I’ve heard in a very long time. This album is no different and with heavy hitting features(and Grooverelly alum) BIGBABYGUCCI and Surf(x2), it proves to be a standout in his discography; so let’s talk about it.

First of all, the cover art is insane, sticking to his usual hand drawn aesthetic that really separates his album art from the rest. The opening songs immediately start out the gate running with “Lexie” being one of the hardest hitting songs on the album. Further down the list is SHOEBOX with Surf and both of them absolutely destroy the instrumental produced by sonni. It is an ambient and dreamy production with smooth and prominent vocals from both artists. Further down is “SIGHTS” which is my favorite cut from the project with BIGBABYGUCCI throwing down an enthralling hook and Surf dominating in the verse with the hard hitting bars he is known for. Finally, Betrayed is one of the best ways to end a project with an aggressive crescendo to the finish line.

“Yousual” is what the nightlife should listen to; it’s smooth, it’s sexy, it’s swaggy, and it sets a new standard for Koshi and his music. Apparently this is part 1 of a 3 part album so if this is the appetizer I am anticipating a stunning main course and we here at Grooverelly will be watching and waiting, with bated breath.

Yousual is out now and available on all platforms

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