SEBii Drops New Song “QUEUE³” and Adlibs the Word “poop” THIRTEEN times. Is This Music of the Future?

It pays off to be a fan of SEBii, as he continues to consistently release. On May 30th, SEBii released QUEUE³ , and we got a great look at the personality that SEBii brings to his music. If you have not listened to SEBii’s music before, it’s really different. But in the best way possible. He is one of those artists that you can really hear them having fun in their music, and that is one of my favorite parts about music. It allows an artist to explore different aspects of themselves that they may not get to explore otherwise.

So what does this mean to SEBii you might ask?

When asked how he would describe this song in one word, his answer was forward, confident, and direct: “poopoo… loll”.

What does that mean you ask? Well, I’ll explain it to you in Lego Star Wars terms: SEBii is having fun on this track.

He does not fail to find ways to innovate music, between his extremely different vocal takes, outlandish adlibs, and cross of catchy choruses as well as deep messages while simultaneously mixing in lines that will make you want to laugh.

This time around, SEBii rapped the word “poop” thirteen times, as he suggested to a girl to take off her panties to take a poopy after listing all of the reasons that he is not vibing with the said girl anymore.

He flexes on her, declares his new self, and tells her to go take a shit cause this is the new him. Truly inspirational when you get down to the nit and grit of it.

I think it’s also necessary to add that SEBii went to one of the most respected schools in the world and is incredibly intelligent. This education really shines through his art as well, as SEBii creates all of the art and animated visuals alongside his music.

His mascot is named “VV”, and most of his projects have been titled after the mascot in “VVBLUE”, “VVYELLOW”, “VVSS”, “VVRED”, and even his first EP “VVV”. This is just speculation but this mascot and the vision that SEBii has executed for the past 3+ years was well thought out on SEBii’s behalf. It is not often that you see an artist stick with a theme for so long, but it offers a great sense of comfort and consistency going into SEBii’s music. And he is very precise in the titles, as the colors of VVBLUE, VVRED, etc. all correlate with the mood that those projects put out as well. It reminds me of the technique we often see in movies where the colors on the screen are to intentionally highlight the underlying theme and moods of the scene.

SEBii is a true artisté.

If you have not listened to the song yet, listen to it below and also follow SEBii on Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Youtube, or any other streaming platform to keep up with his new content. Shoutout SEBii!


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