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Robb Banks Finally Gifts Us With ‘Falconia’

The cover art tells the story. The 27-year old has cultivated one of the most loyal fan bases ever, and he’s shown facing the millions of comments surrounding Falconia’s release.

Robb Banks – Falconia (2022)

“When tf is Robb Banks gonna drop falconia too. I feel like I’ve been hearing about that tape for too long.”

“I had Robb Banks music in rotation all year I’m ready for Falconia man”

“Ima die before Robb Banks puts out Falconia.”

“Robb Banks still tryna convice ppl Falconia exists, will not fall for this for the 10th time.”

“I went across the country recording this album…time to face the music.” – Robb Banks (via Instagram)

Personally, Robb Banks has been one of my favorite rappers for the past 6 years; his electrifying aura and hype-filled music has fueled my love for actually having to listen thoroughly to an artist, do research, and comvideos to understand what they’re talking about. In my opinion, this, Falconia, is the most polished project overall from the Broward County native. “I went across the country recording this album…time to face the music.”, Bank$ comments on a video posted to his Instagram on March 19th, where he added the question “Comment how long you’ve been waiting for Falconia.” The answers would blow your mind. But this is what Robb has conjured in his career. A massive die-hard following that never ceases no matter how many leaks received ahead of a promised project. In 2019, he released Road to Falconia, then Tha Leak, Pt. 1 followed up by Tha Leak 2. The “leaked” projects felt like an unleashing of a vault in order to hold fans over until the highly anticipated offering.

Alternative cover art for Robb Banks’s self-proclaimed magnum opus, Falconia.

Needless to say, Banks more than delivered on Falconia. As great as this moment is, it can’t help but simultaneously feel bittersweet. In an interview for VIBE magazine in 2020, the rapper talked about Falconia and shared his thoughts on retirement. “I’m happy,” the 25-year-old creative says. He’s settled across from me on a gray couch, the two of us sitting opposite a blazing fire. Bank$ is wearing a lime green jacket over a softer, worn-in grass green Weezer T-shirt, and green velvet Off-White Timberlands. “Not with my spot, because I always want more,” he continues. “I’m an artist: I’m hungry. I always want more and more and more. But I’m happy with the little genre and niche I’ve created for myself. I like it because I feel like all my fans is smart. All my supporters are smart.” But even with retirement on the horizon, he wasn’t planning on sitting back. Robb had plans on helping to create opportunities for those around him to advance.

“It’s Lifted” feat. Trippie Redd (Lyric Video)

“I’m trying to put artists on,” he says of his new career direction. “When I look at the artists that I’ve helped break—and I’ve never spoken on this, especially publicly, on an interview scale. It’s never been with paperwork, ‘cause I was young and I just… the way I am, I see talent, and I’m like, ‘I just want to help you.’ I don’t know why, but that’s just how I’ve always been. I just want to help. If I got a platform, I’ma help you.” Some are heard on Falconia, like the late XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God on “May I”. Other features include Lil Uzi Vert on “Shootout”, which samples Soulja Boy’s 2009 hit “Let Me Get Em.”

Robb Bank$ Falconia (2022)

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