Kelow LaTesha Drops Music Video to “GENIUS”

GENIUS is a chaotic, energetic track where artist Kelow LaTesha flaunts her personality and charisma over a heavy synth and bass-driven beat. If the song wasn’t great enough, she also released a crazy fun music video (shown above). In the track, Kelow talks about the power of being true to oneself as well as the consequences of what happens when you do remain true to yourself. “What that cost? Too many of them lost,” LaTesha says on the chorus when reflecting on the cost of being true to herself.

Flashing contagious smiles and a variety of interests/talents being juxtaposed with her disgusting bars, it is hard not to be a fan of the DMV native artist. This was my first impression of her and I am hooked already. She reminds me of so many different sounds, but comparing her to anyone else would not be fair to her for her art is truly in a class of it’s own.

Kelow finds a way to sound badass and like a boss while speaking on important topics that are not talked about enough in music. Ideas like not fitting in with the rest of the crowd and learning self-acceptance are crucial and relevant to people of all ages. My favorite part of the track and music video comes at 1:40 when Kelow and her posse dances on what appears to be a high school basketball court. They all appear to be genuinely SO happy and having fun- and not just for the video. There is an energy that can be felt through the screen that really captures the tracks theme as a whole.

Follow Kelow LaTesha on Instagram or subscribe to her on Youtube to stay up to date with the rising artist’s work. 2022 is sure to be a breakout year for her. If you like the track, you can save directly below it through Spotify. Comment your thoughts on the video and track!

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