PinkPantheress and WILLOW Bless Us With a Dream Collaboration in “Where you are”

What stemmed from a TikTok comment suggesting that PinkPantheress reach out to WILLOW for a feature on a snippet that the UK artist shared on the app. PinkPantheress replied to the comment on a later TikTok revealing that WILLOW they “have been heard”.

The day that the TikTok was posted, there was a buzz surrounding the release of the track. Coming off of a highly successful album with “to hell with it” , many fans of all across all genres were intoxicated by the complementing sounds of WILLOW and PinkPantheress. The two contrast from one another, as PinkPantheress sounds very bubbly and hopeful while WILLOW sounds much more hurt and doubtful. While PinkPantheress asks for her partner on the chorus to “tell me where you are”, while WILLOW shows the contrast perfectly by saying, “tell me everything will be okay, but I know I will never be the same.”

The track is truly special and hopefully the fans will be blessed with more collaborations from the two amazingly influential artists. If you have not checked out either artist, this is a perfect sound for the the windows down on the highway, while it is late at night and you are sipping tea, or even while you are simply vibing out scrolling the internet and have on headphones. This song is so great for so many reasons and across so many situations. Check it out below!

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