Vice Blow Is Up Next Out Of Maryland

This man is without a doubt one of the most exciting artists that I cover. Each release is better than the last, and his sound is unlike anything out at the moment. His latest release “Patient Boy” dropped yesterday, and is the hardest track I’ve heard in a minute. With majority of the scene in Maryland copying each other’s style, Vice Blow finds himself in a lane of his own. The ‘raspyness’ of his voice combined with his beat selection create such an eerie but yet captivating vibe, as he raps about the measures he’s taken to make it to the top of his city.

The music video for “Patient Boy” showcases Vice Blow cruising around the city as he gives us a glimpse into his mysterious lifestyle, and was directed by @kiirusly. Check out the video below, and support Vice Blow as he continues his musical journey.

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