redveil Drops Highly Anticipated Album, learn 2 swim

redveil is only 18 years old. In fact, redveil just turned 18 this past Tuesday, the same day that he chose to release his highly anticipated album, learn 2 swim. redveil is one of the biggest independent rappers in the scene currently. Dropping an underground classic in Niagara at the age of 16, redveil quickly cultivated a passionate fanbase. Someone that both kids and adults can look up to- something that is rare to see. learn 2 swim seems to represent redveil’s acknowledgement of the pressures on him juxtaposed with the fact that he is only an 18 year old still learning about the world and experiencing things for the first time- he is learning to swim.

The album is entirely self-produced by redveil, yet another reason to appreciate the artistry that the PG County native creates. Filled with glistening soul samples and smooth drums, redveil created a very atmospheric feel that does more than just sound good. The album makes you feel like you are outside; whether that be sitting by the ocean with the waves hitting your feet or in the woods mindful of your breath taking in the oxygen released by trees- you FEEL like you are in your comfort place throughout the album’s careful curations. Another piece to note is that redveil featured another DC local , Renaissance Mic, on shoulder. Renaissance Mic plays saxophone with just as much emotion as the other song’s feature, Mekdelawit, who sings a beautiful chorus.

It is also notable that redveil featured underground stars Fly Anakin and Ovrkast. on the same track, automatic, as well. The song quickly jumps into a kick-drum pattern that makes your heart jump and is complemented by a cheerful sample and chorus. “THEY CAN’T BREAK ME, THEY CAN’T BREAK SOUL” sings Ovrkast on the chorus. redveil does his thing as usual and is complemented by an energetic Fly Anakin verse. Throughout the entire album, but on this song “automatic” especially, redveil displays his maturity by explaining insights of coming to peace with memories and past mistakes. Track 10, home, features an intoxicating beat switch halfway through which really just feels like redveil having fun with his new insights at this point in the album.

The album is being hailed by many fans as a potential album of the year contender, as redveil has shown the growth he has made as both a producer and rapper over the past two years since his first album Bittersweet Cry. Pitchfork gave the album a score of an 8.0 and is currently charting at no. 196 on Apple Music. While it may be easy for casual listeners to compare redveil to more known artists and inspirations in Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, MIKE, and others in the experimental rap community. However, it is not true and should be avoided. redveil sounds like redveil and this album really felt like a coming into his own.

Listen to the project yourself and tap into the young star that is- redveil!

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