As you may know by now if you follow our brand, we like to cover all kinds of things, especially what’s happening in the underground of the music world. A lot of underground artists have been building their buzz in their niche over the past few years. Artists like DED STARK and ASHXS are good examples of this, being true underground artists making moves in their own unique ways. Well… they seem to have joined forces recently to release an interesting single named PHOENIX.

DED STARK has been more or less of an internet enigma since he started releasing music in late 2017. Having massive social anxiety while simultaneously being an artistic control freak, STARK decided not to work with anyone at all until he dropped 100 songs. STARK stuck to this NO COLLAB pact (which includes producers, vocalists, loop makers, etc) until he met his mark at the end of last year.

ASHXS on the other hand is a diverse underground artists out of TX, who has used his entrepreneurial tendencies to build a community around him. Throwing more and more popping underground events in his area over time, eventually creating enough buzz to book and play shows with much bigger names, all the while releasing music himself, with lots of originals and lots of collaborations.

PHOENIX is just a taste of these 2 artists genius wrapped up in a single product. Having crossed paths through mutual underground entities STARK and ASHXS eventually became friends. When STARK announced that he was finally starting to collaborate ASHXS made it clear that he wanted the 1st one.  It seemed to be a no brainer and the track apparently came together with ease in a couple days.

While ASHXS is a bit more diverse, STARK kind of has a more core sound, so the song falls into the melodic melancholy realm to match that vibe. This song might seem sad at first but it’s really meant to be inspirational. “Rising from the ashes” being the theme, this tune emphasizes artistic resilience and addresses the subject of adversity in the human experience in general. All in all it’s a song about bouncing back.

The track is accompanied by a unique 100% original hand drawn cartoon video featuring the 2 artists. Drawn and animated by DED STARK himself, this video matches the vibe of the song and kind of brings a nostalgic 90s cartoon aesthetic to boot.

OVERALL the song is a deep cut for the true underground fanbases out there looking for true underground, and borderline slept on / undiscovered artists.

WATCH THE VIDEO > https://youtu.be/oNEWUgFCSLQ

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