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Yung Lean Drops New Album, Stardust, and Continues to Push Boundaries

Yung Lean and FKA twigs link for a music video that screams free living- well reflected in the song's title "Bliss". 

Yung Lean is one of the most evolved artists that is in the entire music industry. Starting from a very young age, Yung Lean’s outrageous lyrics and melodramatic sounds juxtaposed with self-reflection on depression – he has always been unique, to say the least. He is also one of the most consistent artists in the music industry, releasing 9 albums under the Yung Lean moniker in a 9 year span (which included a two-year hiatus while Lean took a mental health break). He has also released three albums since 2018 under the jonatan leandoer96 moniker, which is a very different and acoustic-driven sound where Leandoer relies on singing over mostly guitar filled beats.

This background is important, because it just goes to show why Yung Lean is so well-liked and has cultivated such a cult-like fanbase:
Yung Lean does not just try to create good music. He may not make music that is objectively understood to the casual music listener. But that is not what he is concerned with. He is concerned with being Yung Lean and living life’s evolution as Yung Lean to the fullest extent. And he’s amazing at it.

This is a theme that is carried throughout his new album, Stardust. “I’m not made for being famous… tunnel vision on me that’s what I’ve been on, can’t worry about nobody else” Lean raps on the chorus of Nobody else . He is no longer creating the sound that made him big to begin with- the cloud rap “COCA COLA FANGS, I’M INSANE” Yung Lean sound that influenced so many artists to come.

He is clearly growing as a person and challenging himself as an artist by working with new producers and pushing the boundaries of sounds that he has flirted with in the past. Waterfall is a very sonically driven song as Lean sings in his very acquired way (drainers know what I mean) and he is incorporating both singing aspects from jonatan leandoer96 and combining it with atmospheric, arpeggiated strings that make for a sound as beautiful as a waterfall. Corny? Yes. But it’s true !!!

The 12-track album also features verses from FKA twigs, Ant Wan, and fellow Drain Gang members Thaiboy Digital, Bladee, and Ecco2k.

Skrillex also produced two tracks, in Lips and SummerTime Blood

Right off rip from the intro track, Bliss, you knew this album was going to be different as FKA twigs screamed “BLISS ON BLISS ON BLISS ON” in the most beautifully chaotic way that an artist could ever grace a beat. This was by far my favorite track of the album and I thought the combination of the two artists worked wonders and will hopefully not be the last time that we see them work together. Lean and FKA seemed to have forged a friendship as they have made posts on Instagram showing the two facetiming one another, on top of linking for the making of this music video.

Yung Lean’s current (and outdated) bio on Spotify reads “To a certain extent, Yung Lean’s new album Starz is perhaps best described an epitome of his artistic trajectory so far, taking bits-and-pieces from the various characteristics, sonic expressions, and mannerisms expressed since his debut little over 6 years ago and distilling them into a unanimous statement”. Replace “Starz” with “Stardust” and the statement remains perhaps even more-so true.

There are many notable moments on the album, but let us know your favorite ones in the comments! You can listen to the album below!

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