Fxrroh releases new single “I Should Tell Your Boyfriend”

‘I should tell your boyfriend’ from cøzybøy and fxrroh is a heartbreaking anti-pop song produced by love, matt and skinny atlas. This song is bringing out the inner emotions of heartbroken teenagers who are cheating on their significant others with each other. The song is a duet between the two, going back and forth about the issues each other have while proclaiming that they themselves are good or morally just. From the fantastic guitar from local guitarist Michael Coppola, to the hard hitting and satisfying ending; ‘I should tell your boyfriend’ is a satisfying listen that tells a good story from beginning to end.

This year has been crazy for both fxrroh and cøzybøy; from fxrrohs first show to cøzy having a song hit 23 million streams and going on a headlining tour, the start of 2022 has been fantastic for both artists and I look forward to seeing what they bring to the rest of 2022

‘I should tell your boyfriend’ is available on all platforms everywhere

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