Thanks for the Album Poleman – Polearm Drops ‘222’

After much anticipation and delay, Polearm has dropped ‘222’. Prying himself away from creating songs for Savage Ga$p, Koi, and Supachefm, Polearm has had a chance to be himself in this album which sounds like no other hyperpop album that has been released to date. How he mixes his vocals is very unique to him and that gives this album a sense of self, even without listening to the first song.

The album pulls from all song structures and styles; acoustic to hip-hop, dance to hyperpop, the project has it all. The first song,”anything, everything” is a phenomenal standout that although acoustic, drags the listener in with his vocal production that is captivating from start to finish on this album. This introspective look into what Polearm really wants is an all baring look at the artist and an impeccable first impression that leads on to some of his best music to date. Another standout is the 5th song ‘Rlyfeel2,’ that opens with this folky bitcrushed guitar that builds and builds until a very satisfying hyper-drill inspired drop with 8bit synths and gritty basses supported by more lyric-focused verses that ebb-and-flow with ease. The final song I want to touch on was also one of the first singles released for this project, ‘Regret.” Regret really set the tone for what the album was going to be, aggressive saw synth basses, unique bounces utilizing drill, dancehall, and hip-hop to create an eclectic and cohesive listening experience. Regret shows off the best of Polearm, his versatility, musical risk-taking, and veracity to create and innovate.

Polearms’ ‘222’ is out now and available on all platforms and services.

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