Monty Xon is the Epitome of Old School Punk with His New Single, ‘Again.’

Monty Xon is a new face in the ever popular pop punk genre. I was introduced to him by my friend VITO and ever since I’ve been following his career with a very close eye. The Massachusetts born artist has been going crazy with his recent drops his new song, ‘Again’ is no different. The upbeat melancholic love song is reminiscent of Zac Greer meets 3 Days Grace and its enthralling as I constantly looking for that repeat button.

The song moves from anthemic pop punk headbanger that you’d listen to at a high school house party from 2005 and it is brilliant. The reprieve that kicks in at around two minutes is a pleasant surprise in an otherwise pedal to the metal song that keeps up the energy throughout. With warm and clean vocals, an amazing instrumental produced by Salvi, and expert song structure, Monty Xon is someone we should all keep an eye on as he moves forward in his career.

Monty Xon’s ‘Again’ is available on all platforms everywhere and be sure to catch him live in Los Angeles on February 25th!

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