Watch the music video for “My Very Best” by D. Savage featuring Tony Shhnow

I was filled with excitement when I opened Instagram to see a series of behind the scenes flicks posted by D. Savage back on January 13th, as he, along with Tony Shhnow, were in Atlanta shooting the music video for what I assumed to be this very song. The reason being that “My Very Best” is my favorite track off of Savage’s BPL tape (released last year in November). Over the fast-paced song, the two MC’s weave in and out of each other’s flows, going back and forth to create a boastful balance of bar-spiting.

The music video for “My Very Best” was created through the mind and eyes of Jenai Miller and the production team MOMENTSLATER, whose choice of style is never anything short of fresh and excellent. Whipping transitions are shown to visually convey the energy of the track, and Savage and Tony are even seen back-to-back as the camera revolves around them.

D. Savage “My Very Best” (ft. Tony Shhnow)

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