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“Cigarettes” by Juice WRLD releases

Juice WRLD- “Cigarettes” Cover Art

When an artist has an unreleased catalogue as extensive as Juice WRLD, it is inevitable that the fanbase will gain hold of many leaked songs and wait eagerly for them to officially release. Juice WRLD fans were gifted with a new official release in “Cigarettes“, alongside an animated music video on the artist’s Youtube channel.

The unreleased song amassed millions of views of the past year as a leaked song, and the official release came as a surprise to many Juice WRLD fans. The track is a favorite in the fanbase and fans did not expect to be getting a new track today.

Some fans speculate whether “Cigarettes” is being released as the lead single for the Deluxe version of Fighting Demons, Juice’s most recent album. Whether it is or not, everybody should enjoy the work of art that “Cigarettes” is and appreciate its official release. You can watch the animated music video below or hear it on all streaming platforms.

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