Luhdwig carves his own lane with “Psycho”

Luhdwig represents a new sound in hip-hop that combines elements of alternative music with rap and electro-pop. The result is a beautiful and unique sound that is relaxing and introspective. Luhdwig’s latest single “Psycho” features catchy lyrics and a constant change in flow that is natural and creates a train of thought that tells a story. “Psycho” represents an era of a new sound that many might say was birthed by the late Juice Wrld. Multiple genres are beginning to combine elements to create beautiful new sounds that attract a wide range of listeners. Luhdwig has a gift of flowing in multiple ways over a single beat to bring a new sound to each line of the song. He is fearless as an artist and pushes his creativity with each track he creates.

Stream “Psycho” Below:

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