Yung Bans Hops on the “Long Flights” Remix With Barburrian and Zubin

Florida native Yung Bans hops on the “Long Flights” Remix with Barburrian and Zubin. Taking a hiatus from music, Yung Bans needed to clear some things up but after hopping on this track he showed that he hasn’t lost his touch. Having Zubin produce the beat it’s such a catchy sound and Barburrian sang over it better than anyone else could. Showcasing his talents we get to hear who Barburrian is. Then Yung Bans came in giving us one of his best verses yet. Flexing and speaking his mind we get to hear why Bans is such a superstar. Barburrian laid the platform for who he is with this one but this is just the start. 

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