Aries releases highly anticipated album: BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU

Aries is an incredibly talented, leading artist of his generation. Originally from Southern California, Aries is a singer, songwriter & producer who gained his following through his YouTube channel. The Californian artist started his YouTube Channel in 2012 at the age of 14, where he made music tutorials and recreated beats behind popular songs in two minutes. (such as Drake’s God’s Plan and Kendrick Lamar’s DNA) The Aries YouTube channel currently sits at over 462,000 subscribers.

Carefully and quietly Aries has built a solid fan community around his own universe with his ‘WUNDERWORLD’ label. For over five years now, the young Californian artist has been feeding his catalogue with singles, including ‘WELCOME HOME‘, the first project that made him known beyond his fan base. The 23-year-old clearly has a unique talent when it comes to producing. Blending elements of rock with fragments of hip-hop and pop, Aries sets out to build texture and provide ear candy with his array of sound choices. He definitely does not hesitate to introduce unique and diverse sounds, including elements from pop, alternative R&B, rock and even electronic music.

Independently Aries has had incredible success, which allowed him to sign with Columbia Records. His sophomore album, ‘BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU’, shows a lot of promise and is the perfect representation of the artistic evolution of Aries, who goes from a self-produced rapper to the world of the studio.

Most of the songs on this project features bright, uplifting guitar riffs and bouncy drums. Although the lyrics on some songs may come across as if it’s trying to achieve nothing more than just rhymes, I feel like it’s a more abstract, poetry-like approach to lyrical content. Elements of introspective vulnerability is scattered throughout the project .

With some help from producers/ engineers like Pharaoh Vice, Biskwing, Robert Soulkiasyan, Aries continues to push the boundaries of his artistic endeavors.

BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU‘ definitely takes a more pop heavy turn. The track ‘RIDING’ for example is carried by Latin flavors, while ‘ETA’ is a more of a pop-rap ballad, led by groovy rhythm & lead guitars and crushing bass. ‘ONE PUNCH’ & ‘FOOL’S GOLD’, which was released as a singles leading up to the album, is perfect ‘chill under the sun’ soundtracks for any summer lover.

In conclusion, each of the 12 tracks on this project has the potential to easily be on radio playlists. ‘BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU‘ is a perfect entry point for those new to Aries. This rising artist is at the beginning of a new phase in his career and is handling every aspect of it with the greatest attention to detail. Aries definitely has the potential to shake up the world of pop.

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