Meet Deijuvhs: the underground London artist with a unique sound

Deijuvhs is a London-based artist with a sound that blends grunge and metal music with popular British music, such as drill or drum and bass. He can manipulate his voice to align with different genres—going from melodic singing, to punk-like shouting, to drill-influenced, dark flows and so on.

Deijuvhs’ first project on Spotify dropped in April of 2020, entitled Forever Hoodpunk. The songs on the album differ from each other in particular vocal and production styles, but the entire project consists of an overall dark, grunge-inspired undertone.

“I went to a place called Manchester with my boy Mattu, who’s the producer on basically the whole project,” Deijuvhs said. “And we just wanted to make more of an emo-y spin on popular British music. That was the whole vibe of the project, to be honest, most of the project.”

London has a large drill music scene, and Deijuvhs and his most frequent producer, Mattu, incorporate the drill sound in his music, but add a metal, grunge and punk twist, because both of them come from a rock background.

Deijuvhs’ second project, and his most recent, Flower Ghoul, dropped in August of 2021. Three tracks from the project, “Scumbag Anthem,” “Butterfly” and “Flower Ghoul,” each have already accumulated over 100,000 streams on Spotify.

“I was on a lot of drugs when I made this project, I’m not going to lie,” Deijuvhs said. “So it just came out the way it came out.”

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Deijuvhs does not necessarily want an “industry image.” He just wants fans to view him as his true, authentic self: a human being that does all the same activities every other human does. He makes music because it is his passion. Music is simply his creative outlet, and people who connect with it have it for their enjoyment.

“I just make it for myself,” Deijuvhs said. “There’s no other purpose other than to share how I’m feeling on the songs, and then, obviously, I want other people to enjoy it, but I don’t really think about that. It’s all introspective and like, for me.”

Deijuvhs’ musical style transcends a genre label, as he is always experimenting with different sounds. His music has hints of hyperpop, punk, grunge, electronic and an underlying metal sound. The London artist said he prefers not to box himself into one specific sound.

“I can say punk, but it’s like, I make grunge as well, and then I make metal sometimes, and then I make R&B, pop, house, drum and bass,” Deijuvhs said. “So I can say I have experimented with so many genres.”

via @deijuvhs on Instagram

Drum and bass is a type of electronic dance music (EDM) that originated in the UK rave scene. It includes fast breakbeats along with heavy bass, synthesizers and samples. Deijuvhs has a producer for each musical style he wants to create. When he wants to create music with drum and bass sounds, he works with Sam Interface. When he wants dark and heavy guitar riffs or trap sounds, he works with Brnsrght. He works mostly with Mattu, who can produce versatile sounds that align well with Deijuvhs’ vision. 

“With Mattu, we like, I don’t know, we work in sync,” Deijuvhs said. “We push each other.”

Deijuvhs writes all of his music himself. He said his songwriting process is based on what is on his mind and what is happening in his life at the time. 

Deijuvhs has a lot more in store for listeners, and he is continuing to grow stylistically. The London artist is currently working on a new project, and he said he plans to release it within the next couple of months.

Listen to Flower Ghoul below:



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