“Your Fault” For Not Listening To Zouli

With the recent rise of his last single “Like This” we are gifted with another single from this talented artist name Zouli, as he flew out recently to Los Angeles to create this music video with Popvisualz he was joined with TOB Duke another recent rising artist and also with the Youtubers JuneBoys. With the recent shout outs from platforms such as Lyrical Lemonade and Rap Nation! These are signs that this artist is currently on the rise as this single just released and he is sitting just under 2000 monthly listeners you should grab your day one card as he will continue to rise and prove to everyone he wants to stay!

With the music video collaborating with the vibe of the song perfectly he brings you on the adventure of Los Angeles showing you the beautiful sites you would see. The one thing I love about this music video is the color tones across the video, as this song creates more of a night driving vibe with the darker tone colors across this video as the video is shot later in the evening. As I mentioned you will want to grab that ticket for the day one, as Zouli will keep dropping to show you the talent he has!

Click below to listen to “Your Fault” Below!

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