Garr Gives It His All With Wasted (Music Video)

We are given years of emotion that Garr has been through and you can tell a lot of the life experiences he has recently had went into this song. You know that moment after tragic life events or some current events going on in your life where you have a rush of energy to improve yourself? Could be the day after, week after or month after the event but you get this dedication out of no where. That’s what just happened with this song, as Garr wrote and recorded this song in one night, you can tell by the recording and how he projected his voice in this track that he had some important things to get off his chest and wants his music out to the world.

Having this music video get onto the platform we have all became familiar with Elevator, this will start to bring the attention Garr wanted for this song. As the music video replicates the emotion he had recording into an image. As he flips back and forth in-between the 2 scenes of in a field and in a white box making the audience see as he is trapped. Having different angles of this music video making it different you see how he was originally in a field he has that scene in the framed art on the walls. Which made me get the image of Garr was lost in the big open world while feeling trapped in a situation as a lot of us may feel that same way.

Listen to “Wasted” below

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