“drunk texting my ex” by Savage Ga$p  & MC Virgins

Savage Ga$p has returned with another hit single titled ‘drunk texting my ex’. The track’s release was accompanied by a video that premiered on Savage Ga$p’s YouTube channel. For ‘drunk texting my ex’, Savage Ga$p teamed up with the hip hop boy band, MC Virgins, to create a unique,  indie-pop styled hip hop hit, elevated by a clear influence of the early-2000’s boy band pop sound.

The track starts off with smooth, dreamy vocals by Gasper & lilspirit, immediately relating to anyone making questionable relationship decisions. For the second verse, MC Prophet delivers a bouncy rap verse before we seamlessly transition into a short, yet catchy verse by MC God. For the fourth and sixth verse, Savage Ga$p comes back with his signature catchy rap delivery. MC Kudge contributes a chill and vibey rap for the fifth verse, before MC Wasian ends the track off with a final catchy rap delivery.

Despite the sometimes gloomy lyrical subject matter, producer Caveman has packed enough bounce into this track to make it an instant dance floor hit. As we’re approaching the final months of 2021, this song is a must for anyone end of the year playlist. I definitely recommend giving “drunk texting my ex” a listen.

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