Saint Montana On The Rise With Dear Diary

If you haven’t been heard of this artist Saint Montana before, he is a 15-year-old from the UK that is currently on the rise with his new single Dear Diary! You may have even come across it on your “for you page” on Tik Tok, this artist has peaked a lot of interest with his lyrical choices over the soft guitar, this artist has piqued interest from similar fan bases as Dro KenjiTheHxliday, and Midwxst. With this being the start of a new page, being his first single after his EP “Superstar Tendencies”. He works with the production company Tranquil for his first music video. Keeping it as a simplistic idea and not trying to do anything fancy giving his fans what they wanted. They gave amazing feedback and showed an amazing amount of love towards Dear Diary.

This is just a start for this artist and since his drop the song has continued to rise, not showing signs of slowing down! Stay in tune for this artist as you won’t want to missing a rising artist!

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