The Wait Is OVER Xinclair & Gun Boi Kaz Release Numb III Music Video

We have had a long wait but finally, we were given the music video Gun Boi Kaz and Xinclair have been meaning to drop for almost two years now. They originally wanted to drop this video at the very beginning of COVID but since they were not able to fly and meet up. It was postponed until now, the wait was worth it. This single is the largest song from either of these artists. The music video was PERFECT for it.

Having an old handheld aesthetic to the video, they also had small little effects across the music video that made it all blend well together. COVID has changed a lot how we live our normal lives, some of us had plans to go across the world to reach our goals but we had to stop and skip 2 years. Obviously, these two artists took advantage of COVID as they have both grown since where they were a year ago. But some people across the world feel stuck and they can’t get out of this, maybe they lost their chance of the dreams and goals they had before COVID. This is a sign saying no matter what you had happened before everything locked down, you still have time to chase what you wanted 2 years ago.

Watch “Numb III” Music Video Below

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